Xdebug, NetBeans and Vagrant

Hi! In this short post I’ll describe the steps I’ve made, with the great help of a work colleague, on how to achieve the combination of these great tools together: NetBeans, Xdebug and Vagrant.

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Using PHP CS Fixer on NetBeans 8.0

Recently on it’s version 8.0 (note: there’s a new stable release, NetBeans 8.0.1 at the present moment), the NetBeans IDE highlighted some new resources for PHP projects. One of the most interesting is the extension for PHP Coding Standards Fixer (A.K.A. PHP CS Fixer).

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MySQL + Windows: Command Line Tips

On this post, I’ll share some handy MySQL commands I’ve been through in the last months, and now they’re a essential part of my daily work ~~and I’m writing them down to never forget them anymore ;-)~~.

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Using PHP_CodeSniffer on NetBeans 7.4

In this first post, I’ll share my basic experience in how to use an important tool to assure and verify your code quality.

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